Editorial: The death of MySpace?

myspace rip The answer is clear: use more than one.

MySpace is in imminent demise, according to Webware CNET News (News Corp. to MySpace: Time is running out).

For years, MySpace has been the de facto, free, online, playable-music-files web service of choice for musicians to share their work with fans. Even artists with their own personal and professional websites maintained a MySpace page to direct listeners to their links. But since its acquisition in 2005 by News Corp., MySpace, even with 100 million worldwide users, has lost ground to Facebook (five times as many users) and Twitter (twice as many).

So what’s an artist to do?

In FreePlayVL Editor Teddi Davis’s many interviews and research with savvy musicians, who use online social media tools, the answer is clear: use more than one. Two articles address the consensus on “perfect” websites for artists and listeners (The perfect music listener website?; The revolution continues).

So, select one or more artist sites for professional networking and marketing, such as Reverbnation and TheSixtyOne. And master the use of personal sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, for communication with fans. In retrospect, this is not so different from the challenge facing other professions. LinkedIn and Plaxo, for example, are professional networking sites where more-formal resumes and vita are typically maintained. And Facebook and Twitter are used for “the personal side” of the business person.

Sitearm Madonna owns Siterma VWP Online Media Service of Development One LLC, is in-world registrar for the social-media college course, Is One Life Enough, and provides tech support for FreePlay VL Online Journal – Music in 3D.

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