About Teddi Davis

Here at FreePlayVL, our goal is to help you find great new music and share musical explorations focused on indie music, virtual performances and internet radio.

Teddi Davis is Marketer, Taverner, and Editor. She specializes in social media advertising and operating a live music Irish bar in Westminster, CO.

Choices excite us, but like any good thing—too much can be tough.  Too many choices can be crippling, and surprisingly limiting.  I recently met a man that boasted over 30,000 Linked In contacts.  Granted he’s a Linked In consultant, but he’s spread mighty thin.  Unless you are running for president, I can’t help but think the vast majority of those contacts are essentially meaningless.  The options created by non-traditional, or new media, such as internet radio, can be similarly overwhelming.

When media markets were forming across the US, urban audiences could expect a a couple of TV channels—usually aligned with national networks—and for the fortunate few, a PBS channel, as well as a handful of radio stations.  Now we have more TV/Cable stations than we know what to do with, but at least they publish their programming schedules.

With music, the options are now equally broad, but there aren’t schedules.  Instead, the primary selection criteria is by genre.  But for many, their tastes aren’t so neatly categorized.  New media has created such a vast differentiation in options that while most can find something they like, it is sadly just as likely they will miss music they might dearly love.

With so many diverse options, audiences also don’t group the same way they once did.  In this highly specialized space, could there ever be another Beatles—a music phenomenon of such groundbreaking quality, it spans generations and cultures worldwide?  Highly unlikely.

Audience fracturing can make it more challenging for artists too.  Without the same concentrated focus the Beatles once drew, landing a recording contract has changed substantially.  “Making it” is now just as likely left to television competitions that don’t really celebrate the talented singer songwriter, or the garage band.  Similarly, commercial radio and satellite stations are pre-programmed and play primarily “known” artists—a certain momentum has to be reached for an artist to achieve commercial or mainstream playtime.

For new artists who invest the time and work to develop a following and hone their craft, the fans they add along the way are likely to be treated to a much more intimate relationship—this is rewarding for both the fan and the performer.  New media options lend themselves nicely to this new reality.  Internet radio stations and virtual world performances help artists develop and interact with wider audiences, and independent recording labels are poised to help bring new talent forward.

Which brings me back to choices.

Music is truly the international language.  It is mood altering, cultural, social, yet also intensely personal.  It accents feelings, adds a singular spice to events, and serves as a pleasurable backdrop that helps set the pace of life.  But how to navigate this crowded and sometimes obscure new music marketplace, and find that musical gem?

My name is Teddi Davis, and I have a bit of an advantage in finding great new music.  I’ve been booking music at my pub for the last five years.  Based in part on my experiences, I was invited to take over the weekly music column for a weekly virtual worlds newspaper, which introduced me to an amazing network of independent musicians performing in virtual communities such as Second Life®, and led me to the burgeoning world of internet radio and independent music.

Here at FreePlayVL, my goal is to help you find great new music.  I will be sharing my musical explorations focused on indie music, virtual performances and internet radio.  I’ll tell you what I think, and what I like, with artist reviews and music news, giving you a leg up on finding great new indie music.

Welcome to FreePlay Virtually Live!

Teddi Davis owns the Exchange Tavern in Westminster, Colorado.  She can be found on Second Life as Teddi Shamrock.


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