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FreePlayVL – Music in 4D
Published Bimonthly

The buzz of the digital music scene
How to navigate the new music marketplace
Online music 24.7 covering over 41 genres
Virtual performances to web radios to social networks and beyond

Edited by your host,
Teddi Davis

A service of Exchange Tavern, Dublin Virtually Live, and Siterma VWP

. Editor: Teddi Davis
. Tech Support: James Neville
. Contributors: Many
. Sponsors: The Exchange Tavern, Dublin Virtually Live, Siterma VWP
. Email: freeplayvl@gmail.com
. Url: www.freeplayvl.com

Teddi Davis owns The Exchange Tavern in Denver, CO.
John Mahon owns Dublin Virtually Live in Second Life.
James Neville aka Sitearm owns Siterma Virtual Worlds Projects

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